Monday, September 1, 2008

Family Weekend

I spent the weekend camping with family at my step-dad's farm. I hadn't seen some of them in a few years, namely my Uncle Jon and his family. Jon is only six years older than I am. We were buddies when we were little. He taught me how to play basketball, he was a HUGE fan of Michael Jordan. He also taught me how to crack my knuckles. Weird huh? It was the cool thing to do on our school bus, he wanted me to be cool too. So he taught me to crack my knuckles. He's got the cutest kids. They look like little clones, not his offspring. They are all just as sweet as he is.

My cousin Judy came up with her new baby. He was only 5 days old! Matthew, is his name, and he was so incredibly tiny. She said he weighed 6lbs 6ozs, but I think he was smaller. My hand was bigger than he was!

I got to spend lots of time loving on my nieces, Hannah and Abigail. Hannah is 3 and Abby just turned one last week. They both have my brother Jimmy's orange red hair, although Hannah looks like my mini-me. Abby looks just like Jimmy. Hannah wants to read, she's trying desperately to figure it out on her own. She sat by herself for over an hour "reading" books. She will read to you. She'll put her little finger on the page and move it along the words as she tells you the story. It is too much! I wished I lived closer to her, I'd teach her to read. Abby is very funny. She thinks it is hilarious when she sneezes. Every time she sneezes she cracks up. She would go to different people, but turn back to me and want me to take her back. She especially liked to do that to Pawpaw, my stepdad. Every time she would come back to me she'd say, "Ha, ha, ha!" Very funny.

I had a pretty good time. I'm glad I went, but man am I sore. I slept on a lumpy, lopsided cot next to Hannah. Half the night she would be lying across me, or her knees were in my back. I'm glad to be home and to get to sleep in my own bed. Oh, and I'm glad for indoor plumbing. I've had it with outhouses for a while.