Saturday, September 27, 2008

I don't Wanna

Did you ever start a project and hate it? I have. It sucks. I'm supposed to be working on a pair of socks for the hubs. He picked out the pattern and I hate it! Don't tell him though. I think he thinks that I'm taking my time because I need a break. If I had actually liked this pattern I could have had both socks finished by now. As it is, I've only just started the heel on the first one. Granted, I did have to rip it out and start over. It was actually too big for him. I still don't like the pattern. It's sort of like a basket weave but not quite. It certainly is not a pleasure to knit. I don't like that feeling. I thoroughly enjoy knitting. Just not right now.

I know what you're thinking, just hurry up and get them done. Then they will be out of the way. I know, I just can't. I can barely bring myself to pick them up. Sad, isn't it?