Friday, September 5, 2008

More Substitutions

I've started another sock pattern. This one is Nutkin by Beth LaPensee. It is top down, I haven't attempted toe up socks yet. The thing I find most interesting about this pattern is the cuff. You actually make a cuff at the top, instead of just having your cast on edge showing. I really like it. The pattern was easy to memorize, so I could knit this while at work without fear of losing my place if I had to wait on a customer.
I started off with the size 1s it called for, but my tension was too tight. I couldn't get my foot in the cuff. So I frogged it and started over with size 2s. Now it fits! I'm on the last repeat of the pattern for the leg. Then I'll be ready for the heel.
Oh, I'm using Patons Kroy sock yarn in Gentry Grey, it's a dark charcoal grey. Very nice, although kinda splity.