Wednesday, December 3, 2008

News and Nonsense

I've put sock #2 on hold for the moment. I've decided to make something for our friend Bob, for Christmas. I affectionately call Bob, Mike's Ambassador of Quam. He is, good things seem to happen for Mike if Bob is invloved. For example, most recently Bob helped Mike get his new teaching job. I don't think Mike has ever enjoyed a job so much. So, in thanks I am making something for Bob. I know he will like it. Even though he makes fun of me for knitting. It's like when you're in first grade and a boy will hit you if he likes you. He teases, because he secretly likes this sort of thing. Bob is all about traditions and old fashioned things. So, I KNOW he likes my knitting.

We will be moving to the town where the school is, over Christmas break. So, I have a million things to do. None of which include sitting here, updating my blog. Silly me.


AlisonH said...

But you did update your blog, which means that I get to come over and tell him thank you for loving teaching! The best teachers are the ones who do. Go him.

Dana said...

I hope the move goes well!!
Email me if you find a spare minute!!

Missin' Ya!!