Sunday, February 15, 2009


I finished the Evangelines today. I'm quite happy with the result. Although, I need more practice switching from one color to another. There are a couple wonky spots.

I'm still holding off on finishing Cassidy. I'm just not feeling it right now. Any one else ever feel that way? I know for sock knitters it's called Second Sock Syndrome. What is it called for sweaters? Hmm, not sure.

I'm gonna start another pair of socks. What can I say, it's my thing. I love them. I'll be trying out the Paton's Stretch sock yarn. It's got elastic in it, I'll let you know what I think.


Dana said...

Any pics of the Evangeline's?

I think your sweater would be catagorized as a ufo- Unfinished Object or would that be Ufko- Unfinished Knitted Object? lol

Don't feel bad I still haven't finished the boys crocheted blankets, and winter is almost over, thank goodness we have other blankets, lol

Anonymous said...


I love it!

faerieeva said...

Oh my, they look so amazing. Are they very difficult? If I ever finish this sock, I might need to try one.

Question, I am now past the 'cuff' and working on the 'leg' of the sock. So far, it looks like all is going well, but this part is easy. Just knitting a tube. After that, I will start my first part of actually SHAPING something. In the pattern it says to ' turn work'. What does this mean? Do I turn it inside out? Or do I reverse the direction, basically trying to knit back in the direction I just came from? *L* I bet any knitters who read this are now laughing themselves silly over this question.

btw, my wordverification word is 'ortio'. Does that not sound like onf Harry Potter's spell right there?

ORTIO! It feels like something should happen, doesn't it, when command that?