Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Get up & get moving

How many times a day do you hear that? From fitness gurus to commercials for workout videos to PSAs for kids. I hear it quite a bit. Now that I'm not completely exhausted anymore I was starting to feel like I should probably just get up and well, get moving. I hadn't exercised at all since March.

Unless you count cutting the grass once a week with an old fashioned push reel mower. Actually I hadn't done that in a few weeks either. Now that it is hot out and my belly is growing my DH doesn't want me cutting the grass. He hired a lawn care service to do it for us instead. He can't use the mower I bought, it's too small, even with the handle extended all the way, he has to bend over to push it. Not good.

So...yesterday I walked. I have a leslie Sansone video with 3 miles on it. I only did 1 mile. I know I shouldn't over do it. So I'll just do 1 mile for a week, maybe two before I move on to the 2 mile walk. I feel good. A smidge sore, but still good. I did it today too. I'm going to try to do this every week day and take the weekends off. I want to stay in shape. Yes, I know round is a shape. You know what I mean though. I don't want to gain too much before Phoebe is born.

I've never been one to really exercise a lot. I've always been small, so never saw the need. I used to get plenty of my exercise from marching band. That consisted of cardio, weight lifting, endurance training and breathing workouts. I played tuba, so I got a tremendous workout every day! LOL

So, here's hoping I can keep it up and stay healthy. :D