Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Things I'm learning

I've always enjoyed learning new things. It's one of the best things my DH and I share, we love learning. I'm learning a lot right now!

It's amazing what the pregnant body can do. How mind blowing is it that there is a person growing in my womb? She's moving a lot. It feels like she is doing gymnastics. Yep, got a little Mary Lou in there. Every time I feel even the tiniest of movements I stop what I'm doing just to enjoy it. I love watching my belly move when she kicks or turns or punches me. I hear that I won't be loving it in a couple months, but I think I will anyway. ;)

I'm learning that I can't move as quickly as I'm accustomed to. I am a fast walker, a fast worker...I don't move slowly. But now I have to. I can't walk fast anymore because I'm already starting to waddle. :D I can't work fast because I get tired easily. I'm learning that I have to work a little while, then rest. It's made a difference in housework for me. I typically clean the whole house at once. Can't do that anymore.

I'm also learning that I truly love being pregnant. It's probably the most wonderful thing ever so far. I'm just thrilled and amazed, I know I've said that already, at what is happening in my body. God truly makes miracles happen.