Sunday, August 16, 2009

3rd Trimester

I am officially in the third trimester now! Seven months along. My, it's going fast. I didn't think it was at first. It didn't feel slow, but it didn't feel fast either. I feel like the whole second trimester went by in a blur. People tell me I'm on the downhill slope now, that it will really go by fast. I hope not. I'm enjoying pregnancy. It really has been nice, for the most part. Only a couple little things I can really complain about, but don't really want to because everything else has been great.

The baby is getting bigger and stronger. She has a spot that she likes to punch over and over again. It's sore all the time. It must be bruised, because it hurts. She likes to pull her legs up to her chest then stretch them out really far. I do believe she's got my big feet. Poor kid. She is still hanging out low, right between my hip bones with her head by my left hip. She keeps her back toward mine most of the time. Occasionally she'll roll over the other way. When she does I rub her back. I think it puts her to sleep. Aww...

I've been taking the childbirth classes offered by the hospital. So far we are learning a few things. Some things I knew from reading, most DH is just learning. He's been great about going with me and being supportive. I'm still trying to convince him to be in the delivery room. He's very squeamish and is afraid he'll pass out. So he says he'd rather do it old school...He'll sit in the waiting room passing out cigars. Dork, he doesn't even smoke. LOL

I've also begun knitting again. Just a little bit. I have two gifts made for Dana's baby. One is a girl gift and one is a boy. She doesn't know yet what it is. So, when she knows for sure I can make a couple other little things to go with each gift. I've also started a sweater vest for Phoebe. It's so stinking cute!