Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just for fun

a comic strip!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Phoebe laughing.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Photo post

This is her Zoolander impression.

A little smile after her bath. She's still not a fan of bathing, but at least she didn't scream this time.

I'm a huge fan of icanhascheezburger, especially the "invisible" pictures. Go there, you'll see what I mean. I give you...Invisible Lollipop.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Month One

Whew! We made it through. It wasn't bad. Not as bad as people told me it would be. There weren't countless nights spent rocking a screaming baby. There isn't any colic or other health problems (knock on wood) to deal with. All in all it's been great. We're all learning a lot about each other. I definitely learned that all those years of insomnia have paid off. :D I get slightly more sleep now than I did before I was pregnant. I also have learned that I'm eating my words. I swore I would never give her a pacifier. That lasted all of one day. She has such a tremendous sucking reflex that she was sucking her hands and arms until she had hickies! So, she gets a binki. I also swore the baby wouldn't sleep with me. She does. I can't bear to have her far away. I'm terrified that she will stop breathing. I have managed to put her in the bassinet right next to the bed. She doesn't spend the whole night in it, after the middle of the night feeding she stays in bed with me. Dh doesn't like it, he's afraid he'll roll on her. But I just can't quite explain to him how I feel. He doesn't understand our need to touch each other. She is still in that stage where she needs to touch mommy to feel safe.

We are getting used to the carrier. I have one called The Ultimate Baby Wrap. It's kind of strange to put on at first, but gets easier with practice. She doesn't like it at all, that's why we're practicing with it a little every day. I need to be able to do a little housework occasionally. ;)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Settling in

That's what we're doing. Phoebe is 3 weeks old now. It's going by way too fast. I'm learning what her noises mean. She makes noises all the time, even in her sleep. I'm pretty sure she will talk in her sleep, DH and I both talk in our sleep. We think it is funny to carry on conversations with the sleep talker, some very strange conversations happen that way.

I want to snuggle her all the time. I don't ever want to put her down...or share her with anyone. I have been letting daddy have baby time. He loves to snuggle her too. I even left her with him while I got groceries. I made sure she was fed, changed and asleep. She was fine...I was not. I cried all the way to the store. I knew they would be alright, but it hurt to be away from her. I knew that I would love her, I just wasn't prepared for the forcefulness of the feelings I have for her. The complexity of the emotions is nearly overwhelming at times.

She is truly a joy. At her 2 week check up she weighed 9lbs 3oz, up from 7lbs 13oz at 3 days old. Amazing!