Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Phoebe just had her first Halloween! She was Obi Wan Kenobi, her daddy's request. I must admit she was a super cute little Jedi.

We took her out to Trick or Treat. That was fun. People gave us lots of candy, because they knew she wouldn't get to eat it. There was even one little old lady that ooed and awed over her for being the youngest Trick or Treat-er all night. She even got her first juice box. I let her taste it, but she thought it was pretty gross. So I drank the rest of it for her.

Of course I had to dress up too. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. We're big fans of True Blood...

I think I made a convincing Merlotte's waitress.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

30! What, what?!?!

Last week I turned 30. I didn't really think I'd care. It's just a number, right? Then as the day was sneaking up behind me, I found it did. I got butterflies in my stomach. I felt sick. I felt dumb. Why would I care, it was just another day like every other. Nursing, playing, changing diapers. Same old, same old. So why did it bother me? I am not sure. My close friend Melissa told me it must be my biological clock. Her's is ticking away, she's only a year older than I am. So that's what I decided it must be. Truthfully I thought I would be done having children by now, not just getting started.

My super sweet, thoughtful hubby got me an Amazon Kindle for my birthday. It is a digital device that you can add ebooks, pdfs, blogs, mp3s, audio books and even clip magazine and newspaper articles! It is sooooo awesome! He said he thought I'd like the pdf capability for knitting patterns. I wouldn't have to carry around a bunch of papers anymore. Wasn't that incredibly thoughtful of him? I think it's my favorite present ever. I'm going to get so much use out of it. I already have. I've burned through 6 books already since he gave it to me last Monday.

This is what I would like to be doing.

 Isn't it nifty?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Breakfast night!

On Wednesdays the hubs works late teaching a class then photographing student work in another class. Since he's not here at dinner time Wednesdays have become breakfast night. This typically means cold cereal. But tonight I have some bacon left from Sunday that I need to cook. Thus the pancake and bacon meal idea came to me. I don't have any eggs at the moment. That recall was pretty scary, so I haven't bought any since then. Wish I knew someone who kept their own chickens.

As I was cooking the bacon I started thinking about my favorite fast food breakfasts. It's horrible, but I love the Egg McMuffin and Bacon McGriddle from McDonald's. So that sent my mind racing down another rabbit hole. A couple years ago I found a recipe for home made McGriddles on a blog. I've long since lost the bookmark or perhaps I never book marked it in the first place...

So I decided to wing it. :D

First off, cook the bacon or Facon or Stripples. Perhaps you are fond of sausage. You can use that or veggie sausage. Whatever you want!

Use your favorite pancake mix. It can be store bought or home made. Whatever suits your fancy.
Follow the directions for mixing. Now comes the fun part...the McGriddley part.

Add 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar to the batter. That's right. It's so simple I can't believe I didn't think of it myself!

Cook up your little pancakes to desired doneness.

Assemble your little sandwiches. I like cheese on mine, yes I'm gross. So mine has a slice of smoked cheddar.

Mmmmmmmmm. Even Phoebes likes it. The pancake part anyway. :)


Oh how I love you! My favorite season of all.

Ok, enough of that. No more rhyming or poetry.

I am glad that Fall is nearly here. I'm so tired of the heat and humidity of Summer. My garden didn't do much this year. It was too hot for too long. Although I did have my very first home grown cantaloupe. It was delicious! Phoebe thought so too.

I'm ready to bust out the sweaters and warm, fuzzy socks. I'll have to get Phoebes used to wearing socks. She dos not tolerate anything on her feet. She rubs them together until the stuff is off of her feet. Maybe once her feet get cold enough she'll leave her socks alone.

She's cruising along holding onto the furniture, or me, now. She even took one step by herself. When she realized what she had done she plopped down on her butt. It was pretty funny. Last week she learned how to say "baby." It's her new favorite word. She hugs me, all the while patting my back, and says,"Mommy." Then she will pat her chest and say,"Baby!" She's such a smarty pants!!!!

We're fighting the never ending battle against diaper rash, yet again. Ever since the freaking Pampers Dry Max rash it seems like every other week she's got a nasty one again. Her doctor says that her skin is just super sensitive now. So I'm stripping my cloth diapers. I've ordered a different brand of detergent to wash them in. I can't use rash creams with zinc in them. She gets blisters from that. I tried a home made herbal salve. It made the rash worse. I've tried home made wipe solution and cloth wipes. Sigh. My last resort is corn starch. I started using it on her today. So, HOPEFULLY it works. Poor baby. I know she's miserable. I just want to make her feel better.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Check out this Giveaway

Roo has a super cute new blog. She's having a giveaway.


Oops, I did it again

I neglected the blog. I just don't know how the moms of multiple children have time to blog when I can't seem to do it with one little baby.

She's not so little anymore. :( She's 9 1/2 months old now. My goodness! She has learned to crawl. I thought she was going to skip that. She's standing on her own for short periods of time. Last night she took a step, BY HERSELF! Now she has 4 teeth, the four front incisors.

In other news I have managed to knit a pair of socks. I'm thinking they will be a Christmas gift. I have two sisters-in-law that have asked me to make them some socks. So, if I can get another pair made I'll have them marked off my list. No one else, just them. If I had a working oven I would just make everyone cookies.

I also began pieceing a quilt for Phoebes. It's only a 9 patch, but I love it. Let's see if I have a pic of it.

I'm going to make borders from a dark brown, maybe with a little print in it. I'll use the same material for a back. It all depends on what Jo Ann's has in their material section and if it's on sale or not. Their stuff is kinda pricey unless it's on sale.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Kendra at New Life On A Homestead is having a giveaway! It's for a Survival Pack of heirloom garden seeds from Hometown Seeds.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I decided to bust out my canners and do a little canning this week. Yay!

Sunday evening I canned 10 half pints of mulberry jam. I didn't take any pictures though. There is a mulberry tree in our neighbor's yard. Most of it grows over into ours though. I think they trim it back on their side of the fence. I picked all I could reach standing on a chair and gathered all I could find in the yard. I almost had enough for a batch of jam. So I tossed in about 1 cup of blue berries to make enough. :) It was the first time I've canned on my own. I used to can with my Grandma all the time. In fact the last time I canned with her we made strawberry-rhubarb jam. Mmmmm.

Yesterday I got out the pressure canner to can green beans. The rabbits ate off all the beans I planted so I had to resort to farmers market beans. It's ok, I didn't mind too much. Although I think they were a bit pricey. I paid $20 for a half bushel.

I was a little bit nervous about using the pressure canner so I waited until Mike was home in case it exploded. That way he could take me to the hospital. Thankfully nothing went wrong. So I now have a dozen quarts of green beans!

This is what it looked like half way through the process. Half of the beans remaining to be snapped.

The other half in the canner ready to go.

The finished product!

Happy 8 months!

Wow, has it really been a month since my last post?

Phoebe is 8 months old today. This is such a fun age. She's learned to clap. I love it. She claps and says,"Yay!" It's so stinking cute. She tries to play with Monkie all the time. Monkie wants to play too, but is a little rough. She doesn't know how to play without her claws.

Phoebe has 2 teeth. Her bottom front incisors. The right incisor on the bottom and the canine beside it look like they are coming in too. I thought she would get top teeth before any more bottom teeth came in, but I guess not. There's no sign of top teeth yet.

She doesn't really crawl yet. She does the worm or the Army crawl. She's really fast! Sometimes she tries to get up on her feet. I'm not sure if she's trying to stand up to walk or if she's gonna crab walk.

The swimming pool is endless fun. She loves to splash. She'll close her eyes and smack the water as hard as she can to make giant splashes. I'd like to take her to a big pool somewhere and see if she'll try to swim. Daddy will be in charge of swim lessons. :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy 7 months

Today my Phoebe girl is 7 months old! This week she got her first two teeth. The bottom front teeth. She won't let me look at them or feel them, but when she smiles I can see them. Poor thing had such a hard time cutting them. The teething monster is a beast! I'm told the worst is over, until the next one comes in.

This week she learned to run in her activity center. Of course it was chasing after Monkie. She adores Monkie Du. No matter what she's doing, even if she's throwing a screaming fit, when she sees Monkie she stops and grins. It's really pretty funny to see. I keep trying to catch it on video but always miss it.

Daddy thinks Phoebes is tons of fun. She is thrilled to see him when he gets home from work. They spend quite a while playing every day. She loves to be tossed in the air. She loves to pull his hair. When he gets his bass out to play, either the electric or upright, he has her undivided attention.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

June? Really, already?

Where did Spring go? I have no idea. I suppose I've been so wrapped up in the cuddly sweetness that is my Phoebe girl that I didn't pay attention to anything else. She just gets sweeter and sweeter every day. She's started hugging us. It's the best! She'll snuggle her nose into my neck and pat my back. It makes me smile just to think about it.

I've been sick this week. Strep throat is not fun. Now it seems I have a sinus infection. Boo. I just want to sleep, but I can't do that with a wiggly little girl. At least I can get her to take her afternoon nap with me. Today it lasted from 1:30 to 4:00. Ahhhhh.

When we went to Grandma's last week I got the plants for my garden. Roma tomatoes, Beefsteak tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, cantaloupes, jalapenos, and salsa peppers. I need to get some bean seeds. The ones I had left from last year got wet somehow. They were all rotten. :(

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunshine On My Shoulder Makes Me Happy

It does. I swear. At least until the sunburn sets in. That's why I'm grateful for SPF 70 sunblock. Oh yes. Give me the strong stuff. I can burn on a cloudy day through UV protected glass, i.e. the car windows. Oh the joys of being a red head.

Yesterday we went back to Fairmont to buy some artwork from a friend. Pat Vincent has been exploring different kinds of art for several years. Each year he has an art show. Last year was the only time we didn't go and buy anything from him. One year it was cloth and paper, I bought two pieces from him that year.

Another year it was embroidery. Mike bought one that time.

The next year was wood burning. We got our favorite piece then, the Dharma Initiative symbol from Lost.

This year it is paintings.

We weren't able to go to the art show because my brother was here with the kids. Thankfully Pat put pictures of everything up on Facebook. I saw several things that I liked, but they were all sold. Then I found the perfect set. I loved them instantly. I'm going to hang them in Phoebe's room. There is nothing on her walls yet.

She loves them too. When I showed them to her she got very excited. :)

We stopped by Grandma's too. My youngest brother, Zack is in for a visit. He hadn't met Phoebe yet, he was very excited to. He wanted to be in the delivery room with me. Weirdo. He says he wants to be a doctor, maybe a surgeon. That was his reason. Anyway, it wasn't gonna happen. He lives in SC with his mom. She wouldn't drive him up here or let him miss school. So, yesterday was his first time meeting his niece. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure he has ever met Hannah and Abby, our brother Jimmy's kids.

I forgot Zack was there. Oops. So I didn't have my camera with me. I'll make sure to take it when I go back down one day this week.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'm really tired. My brother came to visit with Hannah and Abby yesterday. They were so excited to see "baby girl." They overwhelmed her with playing and noise. I forgot how loud Abby is. She doesn't know what an inside voice is, she yells all the time. Plus she's like a toddler tornado. I know, I know...she's only 2, but still.

Both girls kept taking Phoebe's binky out of her mouth and trying to cram a different one in it. I had several different kinds on her blanket in case she dropped one or just wanted a different one. She's learning to pick them up and put them back in her mouth by herself. I was afraid they were going to hurt her, so I had to make them stop that. Besides, it was just mean to keep taking her binky away. Punks. After that she was excited to play with them.

By the time they left we were all worn out. Poor Phoebes skipped a nap while they were here, so she was extra cranky sleepy. I hoped she would just go down for the night, but she fell asleep around 8, slept for 45 minutes then woke up for an hour or so before finally conking out for the night.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Half Birthday!

Can you believe Phoebe is 6 months old? I can't. It is simply shocking to me. Shocking! Her infancy is passing in a blur. It really is. I feel like it was just yesterday that I brought home a tiny, little, sleeping angel. Now she's sitting up, trying to crawl. So many new feats are accomplished every day. Her first tooth has just poked through her gums. It isn't all the way in yet. So the teething monster is in residence. I'm going to miss her gummy smile.

She has become quite social. She just adores other babies. As soon as she sees one she grins and will crane her neck to keep staring as we pass. Yesterday we went grocery shopping, just the two of us. I carried her in the Baby Bjorn. She jabbered and squealed at every single person she saw. As you can imagine, she was exhausted by the time we left.

So here's to her first six months! I'm excited to see what the next six will bring us.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


It's something I said I would never do. In fact, it was the first thing Mike & I agreed on when I was pregnant. There would be no baby in our bed. Our bed was OUR place. I had read all about the pros and cons of co-sleeping, but still knew it wasn't for us.

Life has a way of changing your plans. Just like the natural, drug free labor I wanted didn't happen. I was induced at 40 weeks 5 days. I requested the epidural after being in labor for 5 hours. The nurse that taught our birthing class was right. Pitocin made the contractions incredibly intense and unbearable. Because of the episiotomy I had it was hard for me to walk, so once we came home carrying her to the bedroom upstairs hurt too much. Since I am nursing her it was not feasible to have Mike take her up and down the stairs all night, just to have her in the crib. I first tried putting her in the pack n play beside the couch. That didn't work, because it was too hard to bend over to reach her. So I improvised.

We have an ergonomic neck pillow, it looks like there was a scoop taken out of the middle of a regular pillow. She fit perfectly in that pillow. I put her between me and the back of the couch. It was so much easier. I knew she was safe and not going anywhere.

When I was healed and able to climb the stairs I put her in the crib. That was when  found that I couldn't bear to have her that far away from me. We got a bassinet and tried that. She slept in it a few times. Truthfully I felt safer with her next to me. Right next to me. I could put my hand on her belly to feel if she were breathing or not. We never had a scare over her breathing, but I was afraid anyway.

Thus began our journey in co-sleeping. Honestly, I love it. Mike...not so much. He says he's always half awake to be aware of her so he won't roll on her. He wouldn't. I keep my arm between them or put her on the other side of my body if she is nursing from that side.

Now that she is able to roll on her own she tosses and turns a lot. Just like her parents. Both of us are active sleepers. The tossing and turning is keeping me awake. I get less sleep now than I did when she was a newborn.

I'm trying to transition her to the crib. Trying being the operative word. I'm having such a hard time with it. I still want her with me. If we had a bigger bed I would have no problem keeping her with me. *Sigh*

Getting her down in the crib initially has gotten much easier. I can get her to sleep in just a few minutes. Keeping her there is the problem. She still wakes to nurse twice at night. The first time I can get her back down with no problem, but the second time is a fight. I admit that I cave in and take her back to my bed.

Yes, I know I should be consistent, but it's hard! Can you tell how whiny that was? Picture a four year old saying that. I know it's so hard for me because my heart really isn't in it. I don't regret co-sleeping at all, it's been wonderful. It's just time to move to the next phase.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cloth Diapers

I had intended to cloth diaper from the beginning. I found a few different patterns for pocket and all-in-one diapers. I couldn't find the water proof material to make them out of though. So...I went to a local cloth diaper store, A Little Behind,  to get my stash started. It is located on Wall St. in Morgantown,WV. Sandy, the owner, is fantastic. She is so knowledgeable and friendly. I had been given a one size pocket diaper from her store as a gift. I started with a dozen unbleached Indian prefolds, 2 fitted diapers and 2 pairs of plastic pants. I liked the fitteds, but Phoebe outgrew them so quickly I barely got any use out of them. I tried the one size pocket, but...her legs were so skinny that it leaked through the leg holes. So I put that away for later use. I used the prefolds with a Snappi and the plastic pants for a while. Then I got a couple Thirsties covers and a couple Bummis Super Whisper wraps. The Thirsties got too small too fast, I should have gotten them in a larger size. I'm still using the Bummis. They work pretty well for us. Sometimes it's hard to get them tight enough...somebody is a squirming worm.

I just got a Flip cover, a set of Econobums and a Bum Genius Deluxe. I'll be trying these out this week. I'm trying different brands and types to see which I like best. I bought another 12 prefolds from Sandy today as well. That should last me for a while.

 I really love the fluffy butt.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hello there!

Things are changing around here. Phoebe is getting bigger and bigger. She's 5 months old now. She's trying new things daily. She can sit up on her own now. Not that she chooses to very often she'd rather be standing. She can't stand on her own yet, so I hold her or put her in the walker. I think she may skip crawling and go straight to walking.

Phoebe started solids this month. Her favorites are sweet potatoes, squash, carrots and bananas. She thinks anything green is pretty nasty.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh My

I have been neglecting this poor blog. I'm sorry bliggety blog.

Phoebe is now 4 1/2 months old. We have started trying solid foods. One every few days and only once per day. So far she loves sweet potatoes and bananas. Squash, pears and peaches are ok. She hates oatmeal, green beans and peas. LOL

                                               Happy Easter!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


That's what this little girl is. She amazes me every day. On Friday she rolled over from belly to back for the first time. We don't do tummy time very often because it results in much screaming. I decided to make her do it Friday. She arches her back holding her arms and legs up in the air. She looks like she's sky diving. When she started listing to one side I showed her how to move her elbow out of the way. It took 2, that's right 2, times of that demonstration for her to figure it out! Phoebe rolled over 3 times before she had had it and started screaming. I got pictures of it, but no video.

Almost got it...

Whew! That was tough.
Now every time I put her on her belly she rolls over immediately. It's like she's thinking, "Ha! That'll teach you to put me on my belly!!"

Sunday, February 21, 2010


That's me.

I've totally slacked off the workouts. After being at the mil's for a week it's been hard to get back to our normal schedule. So I only worked out once this week. I tried a second time, but Phoebe wasn't having it. So maybe I'll do better next week.

Speaking of Phoebe, you knew I couldn't resist, right? She is 14 weeks old! In the last week she has become very talkative. She is trying sooooooooo hard to talk! I swear her first word was,"Hi." She also wants to sit up or stand all the time. I really need to get her the Jumperoo. She'll have so much fun in it. We have a toy from my mom that's kind of like a walker and an exersaucer combined. She can't really use it yet though cause her legs are too short. Here she is trying it out for the first time.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

As of yesterday, Phoebe is 3 months old. Incredible! It sounds so cliche to say this, but time is flying by. She's not my teeny little baby anymore. My little turkey weighs 14 pounds! She's a Butterball. Plus she's outgrown certain brands of her clothes in the 3 month size so she's now wearing 3-6 month sizes.


We spent the last week at Grandma's house. Stupid blizzard. It knocked out our power last Friday night. We had about 2 1/2 feet of snow! Without power we had no heat, even though the furnace is gas, it needs the electric thermostat to work. We managed to make it out Saturday morning to go to my mother-in-law's. She had more snow than we did, but a wood stove. So even if she lost power she'd be warm. It took us almost 6 hours to make a trip that normally takes 2 1/2 hours. There were many spots on the interstates that hadn't been plowed or if they had, it had been several hours since they'd been touched. It was a nerve wracking trip. We made it in one piece though.

Here's poor Ginger dog heading out to potty. This is the walkway to Grandma's front door.

Grandma was soooooo happy to get to spend time with her little princess. It took Phoebes a little while to warm up to her. She's developed the "stranger danger" reaction. Eventually they were good buddies. :)

Mike bought a kerosene heater and went back home on Sunday. We didn't want the cats to freeze, Kitty needed his shots anyway. He said it was 37 degrees in the house when he got home. He had to work this week, whether we had power or not because the school had power. Stupid. Our power came back on Tuesday. Thank goodness.

Mike came to get us and return his mom's truck yesterday. He borrowed it since it has 4 wheel drive. We had to drive through another snow storm on the way home. I swear it isn't ever going to stop! At least we're all home together now. I missed him so much! I'm pretty sure he missed Phoebe more than he missed me.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Monday, February 1, 2010


So, I know I should have posted this on Friday. Oops.

I managed to do the walking video every day last week. I did 3 miles 4 days, one day I did 1 mile and another day only 1/2 before Phoebe had had enough. She had a grumpy day last week. :( I only got to do about 15 minutes of the Yoga Booty Ballet. I think I should skip housework and workout instead. lol I've been cleaning while she naps in the mornings, it's her longest nap of the day. Maybe I should throw a workout in there some days instead. Anyway, on to the measurements.

Waist: 29
Hips: 34
Thigh: 21

I think only my thigh was smaller. That's ok though, I'm not looking for Biggest Loser style improvement. I just want to tone up a little. I've still got a jelly belly. It's amazing to me that my belly got so big, but I didn't get any stretch marks. Let's see, I'll post a pic of my belly the day Phoebe was born. Hold on...

So this was 40 weeks 5 days. Gigantic!

This was one week after Phoebe was born. It still looks exactly the same.
Here's a shout out to Jenny. You go girl! lol Keep up the good work. Oh, and kiss you little man for me.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a day

I went to Morgantown yesterday to get cloth diapering supplies. There's a lady named Sandy, I can't remember her last name, that has opened a store- A Little Behind- she also runs a diaper service. She delivers all the way to Pittsburgh, so I could join the service and have her do all the washing of the dirty diapers. It would be just a bit too expensive for me to do that. Besides, I have a washer and dryer, it won't kill me to wash diapers. I bought a dozen Indian prefolds, 2 fitted diapers, 2 covers and 2 snappis. I need to get a bucket today while I'm out shopping and we'll be set to start cloth diapering. My grandma gave me 2 dozen prefolds and a pack of covers. Plus I was given a pocket diaper that is one size fits all, it is adjusted with snaps. I'm going to give it a go and see what we like. I may go back and get more covers and prefolds from her later. We'll see.

So...Miss Phoebe was a terror yesterday! She was in a bad mood before we left, but was asleep before I turned the corner of my street. So I thought she'd get her nap out and be fine. Nope. She screamed the whole time we were in the diaper store. She wouldn't nurse and was generally inconsolable. Then I met a friend for lunch. She was fine through the salad. Then screamed like a banshee again. I took her to the bathroom and changed her. That cheered her up, so I thought maybe we were ok. Went back to the table and screaming resumed. I took her back to the bathroom to try nursing. She never stopped screaming. So I decided we just needed to get home. I felt awful, because I couldn't figure out what was wrong. People were starting to get pissy and I was so upset because she wouldn't nurse. My friend had the waitress box up my meal and we left. Phoebe was asleep before I even got out of the parking lot. It took an hour to get home. By then it had been 7 hours since she had eaten, I was really getting worried. As soon as we got in the house she wanted to eat! I checked her temperature to see if she had a fever, but she didn't. So...

Maybe it was just too different for her. I don't know. We don't go out much. So maybe it was just scary for her. She's back to normal today. Thank goodness!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Feeling the burn

I've finally started working out. One of my friends from the What to Expect message board has inspired me. So Jenny here is my Friday update.
I don't have a scale, so I'll just be taking my measurements.

At my 6 week post-partum check up I had 10 pounds left to lose to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I thought that was pretty awesome. So this week I have either walked a mile outside with Phoebes in the carrier or walked a mile with a Leslie Sansone video with Phoebes in the carrier. Today I did all 3 miles on the video. I also added in Yoga Booty Ballet. My word did it make me sore! I forgot how much work it is. I'm feeling good though. Hopefully I stay motivated this time.

It was a hard workout today. She's pooped. Carrying her like this adds a lot to the workout. Whew!

Monday, January 18, 2010 does a body good!

That's right, it sure does. I took Phoebe for her 2 month check up last Thursday. She weighed 12 pounds 8oz and was 23 inches long. That is a 5.66 pound weight gain and 2 inches since she was born! Amazing!! I knew she was getting heavier. I had been comparing her weight with the cats. She's heavier than Monkie, who weighs 10 pounds, but lighter than Kitty, who weighs 13 pounds. So I guessed she was 12 pounds. I was close! The dr said,"Mommy is doing something right." This makes 2 months of breast feeding success. Hooray! I was a bit concerned because she never spends more than 10 minutes nursing. It's usually only 5 minutes. I hear other moms complain about 45 minutes or longer, so I was nervous for her. All is well though. My little piglet is growing like crazy. Oh, she cried when she got her shots, but only for a minute. We had a rough night though. Her poor legs were so sore it made her scream to move them. Diaper changes were bad. We couldn't bicycle her legs to help with her gas either, so that made her little belly hurt. :( Oh, she has a new cry now. It's the "I'm hurting and I know what pain is" cry. She did it when they stuck her for the shots. So now when her belly hurts with gas, she makes that cry. Scared her dad half to death the first time he heard it. I think he thought I was torturing her or something.

Yesterday she tried something new. I was holding her in the crook of my arm as usual. She tried to sit up! I thought it may have been a fluke, but she did the same thing when her dad was holding her! She's not really a fan of the Bumbo, but I suppose she wants to sit up now. I'll prop her up with a pillow on the couch.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Time keeps on slipping...

In three days my angel will be two months old. It's amazing! She's growing and changing so much already. She smiles at me, on purpose. I just love her smile and her laugh. She thinks it's funny when I stick my tongue out at her. Now she's imitating me, sticking her tongue out at me. It's sooooooo cute! She wanted her daddy to hold her the other day. She actually fussed at me until I handed her to him and then she was fine. It melted his heart. See, Phoebe does love her daddy! I told him so, he didn't believe me.