Monday, January 18, 2010 does a body good!

That's right, it sure does. I took Phoebe for her 2 month check up last Thursday. She weighed 12 pounds 8oz and was 23 inches long. That is a 5.66 pound weight gain and 2 inches since she was born! Amazing!! I knew she was getting heavier. I had been comparing her weight with the cats. She's heavier than Monkie, who weighs 10 pounds, but lighter than Kitty, who weighs 13 pounds. So I guessed she was 12 pounds. I was close! The dr said,"Mommy is doing something right." This makes 2 months of breast feeding success. Hooray! I was a bit concerned because she never spends more than 10 minutes nursing. It's usually only 5 minutes. I hear other moms complain about 45 minutes or longer, so I was nervous for her. All is well though. My little piglet is growing like crazy. Oh, she cried when she got her shots, but only for a minute. We had a rough night though. Her poor legs were so sore it made her scream to move them. Diaper changes were bad. We couldn't bicycle her legs to help with her gas either, so that made her little belly hurt. :( Oh, she has a new cry now. It's the "I'm hurting and I know what pain is" cry. She did it when they stuck her for the shots. So now when her belly hurts with gas, she makes that cry. Scared her dad half to death the first time he heard it. I think he thought I was torturing her or something.

Yesterday she tried something new. I was holding her in the crook of my arm as usual. She tried to sit up! I thought it may have been a fluke, but she did the same thing when her dad was holding her! She's not really a fan of the Bumbo, but I suppose she wants to sit up now. I'll prop her up with a pillow on the couch.


Winona said...

Tiffani, Phoebe is a beauty. I am so glad she is doing so well. You are a natural mama. Winona

Dana said...

Hey Tiff!!

She is a doll!! Glad to hear she is things are going well!!

Can't wait to hear and see more of the little darling!!