Sunday, February 28, 2010


That's what this little girl is. She amazes me every day. On Friday she rolled over from belly to back for the first time. We don't do tummy time very often because it results in much screaming. I decided to make her do it Friday. She arches her back holding her arms and legs up in the air. She looks like she's sky diving. When she started listing to one side I showed her how to move her elbow out of the way. It took 2, that's right 2, times of that demonstration for her to figure it out! Phoebe rolled over 3 times before she had had it and started screaming. I got pictures of it, but no video.

Almost got it...

Whew! That was tough.
Now every time I put her on her belly she rolls over immediately. It's like she's thinking, "Ha! That'll teach you to put me on my belly!!"

Sunday, February 21, 2010


That's me.

I've totally slacked off the workouts. After being at the mil's for a week it's been hard to get back to our normal schedule. So I only worked out once this week. I tried a second time, but Phoebe wasn't having it. So maybe I'll do better next week.

Speaking of Phoebe, you knew I couldn't resist, right? She is 14 weeks old! In the last week she has become very talkative. She is trying sooooooooo hard to talk! I swear her first word was,"Hi." She also wants to sit up or stand all the time. I really need to get her the Jumperoo. She'll have so much fun in it. We have a toy from my mom that's kind of like a walker and an exersaucer combined. She can't really use it yet though cause her legs are too short. Here she is trying it out for the first time.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

As of yesterday, Phoebe is 3 months old. Incredible! It sounds so cliche to say this, but time is flying by. She's not my teeny little baby anymore. My little turkey weighs 14 pounds! She's a Butterball. Plus she's outgrown certain brands of her clothes in the 3 month size so she's now wearing 3-6 month sizes.


We spent the last week at Grandma's house. Stupid blizzard. It knocked out our power last Friday night. We had about 2 1/2 feet of snow! Without power we had no heat, even though the furnace is gas, it needs the electric thermostat to work. We managed to make it out Saturday morning to go to my mother-in-law's. She had more snow than we did, but a wood stove. So even if she lost power she'd be warm. It took us almost 6 hours to make a trip that normally takes 2 1/2 hours. There were many spots on the interstates that hadn't been plowed or if they had, it had been several hours since they'd been touched. It was a nerve wracking trip. We made it in one piece though.

Here's poor Ginger dog heading out to potty. This is the walkway to Grandma's front door.

Grandma was soooooo happy to get to spend time with her little princess. It took Phoebes a little while to warm up to her. She's developed the "stranger danger" reaction. Eventually they were good buddies. :)

Mike bought a kerosene heater and went back home on Sunday. We didn't want the cats to freeze, Kitty needed his shots anyway. He said it was 37 degrees in the house when he got home. He had to work this week, whether we had power or not because the school had power. Stupid. Our power came back on Tuesday. Thank goodness.

Mike came to get us and return his mom's truck yesterday. He borrowed it since it has 4 wheel drive. We had to drive through another snow storm on the way home. I swear it isn't ever going to stop! At least we're all home together now. I missed him so much! I'm pretty sure he missed Phoebe more than he missed me.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Monday, February 1, 2010


So, I know I should have posted this on Friday. Oops.

I managed to do the walking video every day last week. I did 3 miles 4 days, one day I did 1 mile and another day only 1/2 before Phoebe had had enough. She had a grumpy day last week. :( I only got to do about 15 minutes of the Yoga Booty Ballet. I think I should skip housework and workout instead. lol I've been cleaning while she naps in the mornings, it's her longest nap of the day. Maybe I should throw a workout in there some days instead. Anyway, on to the measurements.

Waist: 29
Hips: 34
Thigh: 21

I think only my thigh was smaller. That's ok though, I'm not looking for Biggest Loser style improvement. I just want to tone up a little. I've still got a jelly belly. It's amazing to me that my belly got so big, but I didn't get any stretch marks. Let's see, I'll post a pic of my belly the day Phoebe was born. Hold on...

So this was 40 weeks 5 days. Gigantic!

This was one week after Phoebe was born. It still looks exactly the same.
Here's a shout out to Jenny. You go girl! lol Keep up the good work. Oh, and kiss you little man for me.