Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'm really tired. My brother came to visit with Hannah and Abby yesterday. They were so excited to see "baby girl." They overwhelmed her with playing and noise. I forgot how loud Abby is. She doesn't know what an inside voice is, she yells all the time. Plus she's like a toddler tornado. I know, I know...she's only 2, but still.

Both girls kept taking Phoebe's binky out of her mouth and trying to cram a different one in it. I had several different kinds on her blanket in case she dropped one or just wanted a different one. She's learning to pick them up and put them back in her mouth by herself. I was afraid they were going to hurt her, so I had to make them stop that. Besides, it was just mean to keep taking her binky away. Punks. After that she was excited to play with them.

By the time they left we were all worn out. Poor Phoebes skipped a nap while they were here, so she was extra cranky sleepy. I hoped she would just go down for the night, but she fell asleep around 8, slept for 45 minutes then woke up for an hour or so before finally conking out for the night.


Dana said...

Wow the girls are getting big!! Last time I saw Abby she didn't have much hair,lol It was nice for your brother to come up for a visit!!