Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Kendra at New Life On A Homestead is having a giveaway! It's for a Survival Pack of heirloom garden seeds from Hometown Seeds.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I decided to bust out my canners and do a little canning this week. Yay!

Sunday evening I canned 10 half pints of mulberry jam. I didn't take any pictures though. There is a mulberry tree in our neighbor's yard. Most of it grows over into ours though. I think they trim it back on their side of the fence. I picked all I could reach standing on a chair and gathered all I could find in the yard. I almost had enough for a batch of jam. So I tossed in about 1 cup of blue berries to make enough. :) It was the first time I've canned on my own. I used to can with my Grandma all the time. In fact the last time I canned with her we made strawberry-rhubarb jam. Mmmmm.

Yesterday I got out the pressure canner to can green beans. The rabbits ate off all the beans I planted so I had to resort to farmers market beans. It's ok, I didn't mind too much. Although I think they were a bit pricey. I paid $20 for a half bushel.

I was a little bit nervous about using the pressure canner so I waited until Mike was home in case it exploded. That way he could take me to the hospital. Thankfully nothing went wrong. So I now have a dozen quarts of green beans!

This is what it looked like half way through the process. Half of the beans remaining to be snapped.

The other half in the canner ready to go.

The finished product!

Happy 8 months!

Wow, has it really been a month since my last post?

Phoebe is 8 months old today. This is such a fun age. She's learned to clap. I love it. She claps and says,"Yay!" It's so stinking cute. She tries to play with Monkie all the time. Monkie wants to play too, but is a little rough. She doesn't know how to play without her claws.

Phoebe has 2 teeth. Her bottom front incisors. The right incisor on the bottom and the canine beside it look like they are coming in too. I thought she would get top teeth before any more bottom teeth came in, but I guess not. There's no sign of top teeth yet.

She doesn't really crawl yet. She does the worm or the Army crawl. She's really fast! Sometimes she tries to get up on her feet. I'm not sure if she's trying to stand up to walk or if she's gonna crab walk.

The swimming pool is endless fun. She loves to splash. She'll close her eyes and smack the water as hard as she can to make giant splashes. I'd like to take her to a big pool somewhere and see if she'll try to swim. Daddy will be in charge of swim lessons. :)