Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Breakfast night!

On Wednesdays the hubs works late teaching a class then photographing student work in another class. Since he's not here at dinner time Wednesdays have become breakfast night. This typically means cold cereal. But tonight I have some bacon left from Sunday that I need to cook. Thus the pancake and bacon meal idea came to me. I don't have any eggs at the moment. That recall was pretty scary, so I haven't bought any since then. Wish I knew someone who kept their own chickens.

As I was cooking the bacon I started thinking about my favorite fast food breakfasts. It's horrible, but I love the Egg McMuffin and Bacon McGriddle from McDonald's. So that sent my mind racing down another rabbit hole. A couple years ago I found a recipe for home made McGriddles on a blog. I've long since lost the bookmark or perhaps I never book marked it in the first place...

So I decided to wing it. :D

First off, cook the bacon or Facon or Stripples. Perhaps you are fond of sausage. You can use that or veggie sausage. Whatever you want!

Use your favorite pancake mix. It can be store bought or home made. Whatever suits your fancy.
Follow the directions for mixing. Now comes the fun part...the McGriddley part.

Add 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar to the batter. That's right. It's so simple I can't believe I didn't think of it myself!

Cook up your little pancakes to desired doneness.

Assemble your little sandwiches. I like cheese on mine, yes I'm gross. So mine has a slice of smoked cheddar.

Mmmmmmmmm. Even Phoebes likes it. The pancake part anyway. :)


Dana said...

We have breakfast for dinner alot here!! The kids love it!! Its cheap too!!

Sarah said...

I found you get a similar result by using Cinnamon Raison Bagels (plus 10 grams of protein). Even more delish if you pop them in a panini press! I love me some McGriddles! I would be able to completely boycott McDonald's if it wasn't for those bad boys.