Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Oh how I love you! My favorite season of all.

Ok, enough of that. No more rhyming or poetry.

I am glad that Fall is nearly here. I'm so tired of the heat and humidity of Summer. My garden didn't do much this year. It was too hot for too long. Although I did have my very first home grown cantaloupe. It was delicious! Phoebe thought so too.

I'm ready to bust out the sweaters and warm, fuzzy socks. I'll have to get Phoebes used to wearing socks. She dos not tolerate anything on her feet. She rubs them together until the stuff is off of her feet. Maybe once her feet get cold enough she'll leave her socks alone.

She's cruising along holding onto the furniture, or me, now. She even took one step by herself. When she realized what she had done she plopped down on her butt. It was pretty funny. Last week she learned how to say "baby." It's her new favorite word. She hugs me, all the while patting my back, and says,"Mommy." Then she will pat her chest and say,"Baby!" She's such a smarty pants!!!!

We're fighting the never ending battle against diaper rash, yet again. Ever since the freaking Pampers Dry Max rash it seems like every other week she's got a nasty one again. Her doctor says that her skin is just super sensitive now. So I'm stripping my cloth diapers. I've ordered a different brand of detergent to wash them in. I can't use rash creams with zinc in them. She gets blisters from that. I tried a home made herbal salve. It made the rash worse. I've tried home made wipe solution and cloth wipes. Sigh. My last resort is corn starch. I started using it on her today. So, HOPEFULLY it works. Poor baby. I know she's miserable. I just want to make her feel better.


Dana said...

Hey about her rash, Kara got a really nasty one and I couldn't get it to clear up at all,I tried everything, destitin, Dr Gibsons, etc etc, well I took her to the dr and he said it was a combo rash part diaper rash and part yeast infection on her skin, and that is why normal diaper rash creams wouldn't work on it he prescribed something called Greer's Goo, I had it filled at the pharmacy and I put it on every diaper change even though the dr said 2x a day would be fine, anyway it was like over night her rash went away.

Anyway just wanted to offer that maybe she has a combo rash like Boo had!!

Hope you find something to clear it up!!!