Monday, March 21, 2011

Potty Training

I was not prepared for this. Well, I sort of was. A friend gave us a potty as a baby shower gift. Yeah, she was thinking ahead. Which was really cool, she also gave us the baby proofing stuff like outlet plugs and drawer locks. Sweet.

So this week, Thursday to be precise, Phoebe decided she was using her potty. She had peed in it three times while her bath water was running. I know it was just from the sound of water running. It always makes me have to go. ;) I made a big deal about it each time, but didn't really think it would make a difference. She had other plans.

As soon as she woke up Thursday morning she asked to go "pahpah." So I took her into the bathroom and put her on the potty. She peed right away, the potty plays a song when something lands in it, clever, isn't it? So I did a happy dance and clapped for her. She clapped for herself. We dumped it in the big potty then I washed it out and put her potty back together. I tried to pick her up to go get dressed but she threw a fit. So she sat back down on her potty....and POOPED! Holy cow! Where did that come from? I know the biology, thank you very much. I mean the desire to use the potty in the first place? She isn't supposed to be old enough for this yet. Just barely 16 months.

Since then she has done both every morning. Yesterday she even got upset because she peed in her diaper instead of the potty. Poor kid already has high expectations of herself. I don't even have training pants or panties for her yet. I'm not going to waste money on Pull-ups. I'll just use training pants during the day and keep her in diapers at night until she's completely trained.

Wow. That's all, just wow.

This was the day I put the potty together for her. Just so she would get used to it and not be afraid. Guess my plan worked.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring, have you sprung?

Please say yes! I'm so in need of sunshine and open windows and going barefoot in the grass.

Yesterday was 76 degrees. It was sunny with a slight breeze. Man, I needed that. I opened the windows as soon as it got up to 60 degrees. I love, love, LOVE having the windows open letting the fresh air in. The cats love it too. They all staked out a window to sleep in all day.

In preparation for my new garden at our new house this summer I have started some seedlings.

Lettuce seedlings.

Tiny herb seedlings. 
Just for fun. This is the hub's bonsai tree. He got it for his birthday three years ago. I've kept it trimmed for him, since he's allergic to pine. He can't touch it, just admire it from afar. :'(

A friend of his gave us a kit to build a raised bed. I'm excited about that. I've decided to go with Square Foot Gardening this year. I'd like to have two 4x4 beds. That way I can still garden, but also have enough room left in the yard for Phoebe to play.

I need to get my tomato seeds started indoors now too. According to the almanac I can plant them outside on May 4th. Woo hoo! I can't wait for that first tomato and cheese sandwich. Mmmmm. I can taste it now.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Maple Valley Off Grid Farm and a Lehman's Giveaway

I discovered Mrs. Angela's blog Living Off-Grid at Maple Valley Farm a few years ago before they actually moved to the farm to live off grid. I am continually amazed and thrilled by their lifestyle as they learn about life on an old Amish farm. I like to think that I could manage living off grid, but I don't really think I could. I'm pretty spoiled by all of our modern conveniences.

You all know that I garden and can. When I heard about the reusable canning lids from a friend I was very excited. I'd love to have a set of my own. This summer I plan to try square foot gardening and hope to have a decent harvest to can. Those lids would definitely get used. :)

Go check out the Maple Valley blog, it's so neat all of the things they do. I think the most fascinating for me was the ice cutting. Just like Little House on the Prairie!