Sunday, March 6, 2011

Maple Valley Off Grid Farm and a Lehman's Giveaway

I discovered Mrs. Angela's blog Living Off-Grid at Maple Valley Farm a few years ago before they actually moved to the farm to live off grid. I am continually amazed and thrilled by their lifestyle as they learn about life on an old Amish farm. I like to think that I could manage living off grid, but I don't really think I could. I'm pretty spoiled by all of our modern conveniences.

You all know that I garden and can. When I heard about the reusable canning lids from a friend I was very excited. I'd love to have a set of my own. This summer I plan to try square foot gardening and hope to have a decent harvest to can. Those lids would definitely get used. :)

Go check out the Maple Valley blog, it's so neat all of the things they do. I think the most fascinating for me was the ice cutting. Just like Little House on the Prairie!