Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nothing much doin'

Besides a name change. After years of trying to think of just the right name. I think I've finally come up with one that suits me. After all, I am unconventional and a hillbilly. Truthfully, if you had seen me barefoot and pregnant hanging laundry on the clothesline, you would have had no doubt in your mind about it. :P

Speaking of the clothesline. I need to get a post set in the yard and hang my line. I'm going to run it from the deck to a post in the yard. I have to decide the proper spot though. I need to leave room for a truck to get in the yard for fire wood deliveries in the winter, room for the Phoebester to play and a spot for a garden. So many things to worry about. Too bad the line isn't long enough to reach the trees out back. It's about 3 feet too short.

Phoebe has learned so many new things since my last post. She can now say: Ginger Dog, Beefy Dog, Flo Dog (can you tell she loves dogs?) Phoebe Jane (Peebee Jane) and she can count to three. Oh, she used to call her grandma "Mamaw" but now calls her "Grangran." She's been having a blast going up and down the stairs on Grandma's front walk. Her first Easter egg hunt was awesome. She loved it so much that every day since then I have to hide the eggs for her. She walks around with a basket saying,"Eggy, eggy eggs?" Soooooo cute!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! Last Wednesday was my mil's birthday, Happy Birthday Patty!

Time to go hang some clothes on the temporary line on the porch. :)


Romney is On Trac said...

Thanks, Tiffani. So happy to have you and your lovely family close. xoxox