Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Work, work, work

It seems like that's what I've been doing lately. My garden has gone INSANE! I never got the tomato plants staked. I'm just going to let them go, I think. When I went shopping for stakes, no one had any. I waited too long and the stores had been bought out. Southern States said they might get more in, to check back later. If they don't, meh, oh well.

I finally got a paintbrush and started priming Phoebe's play kitchen for painting. I used spray paint that looks like stainless steel for the appliances. Then used metallic silver spray paint for the faucet, sink and stove hood. They were a horrible bright red plastic. Now I can prime and paint the rest of the kitchen the aqua color Phoebe chose without it clashing with the red. She also wanted yellow, so I think I may make her little curtains in yellow to cover the "window."

This is the before shot, it's cute, like 1950's vintage cute, but Phoebe doesn't like the red, neither do I. ;) So I let her choose paint chips last time we went to Lowe's. She picked aqua and yellow. I managed to find a can of returned paint in the exact shade of aqua she chose! It was only $5 for an entire gallon of Valspar!!!! It was my lucky day.

We went camping at the farm over the holiday weekend. Phoebe had sooooo much fun playing with her cousins. She got to run and swim and be "outshide" all day long. Her three favorite things. I had a good time too until the chiggers found me. I still have bites and they STILL itch!

I've been canning the past few days. Grandma let me pick blueberries when we stopped to see her, then I bought some peaches at a local market. I made blueberry jam and blueberry conserve and Peach butter. Mmmm.


Dana said...

Great job on the canning!!!

Can't wait to see how the kitchen set turns out!!