Monday, August 22, 2011


I went out to pick tomatoes this morning. I was planning to can tomato juice. I use it when I make chili, and we eat a lot of chili during the winter. As I was picking I noticed some moldy looking spots on the fruits and all of the leaves had turned brown and dropped off of the plants. My poor tomatoes have the dreaded blight! I can't use any of the fruits I harvested today. I have to pull up all of my plants, because every single one of them is infected. I can't even compost them because the fungus will spread to the compost pile. I have to burn them.

I called the County extension office to notify them, they need to know for their records. Plus I have to tell the neighbors in case it jumps to their gardens, or maybe it jumped to mine from one of theirs. This is so disappointing. Mike has only eaten two of his Cherokee tomatoes. :( He looked forward to those all winter. From the day I started the seeds indoors to the first bite he took. I think he is even more disappointed than I am, if that's possible.