Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Loopy Ewe

I just entered my Ishbel in the First Quarter Challenge at The Loopy Ewe. The challenge was to knit something with silk in it. :)

Next quarter's challenge is to knit something with cotton. I plan to knit the Tappan Zee cardigan in Cascade Ultra Pima. I've ordered it from The Loopy Ewe, can't wait to get it. 

I'm currently working away at Damson by Ysolda Teague. Using up the rest of the Noro Silk Garden.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Things are strange theses days.

I am on limited activity, not exactly bed rest, but close. I was diagnosed with a low lying placenta, it's causing some issues right now. The dr is not too worried. She said in most cases as things grow it will move up out of the way. So I go for another ultrasound in 10 weeks to see if it has moved.

So I'm not supposed to lift Phoebe, or the laundry baskets. No running, which I don't do anyway. No straining. I'm not supposed to be on my feet for more than twenty minutes at a time. This is going to be hard.

Mike said to make up a cleaning schedule for him and he will do the housework for me. :)

I have done a bit of knitting the past couple weeks. I knit one sock from a pair. O.o It's called Wanida by Cookie A., I like it. It's a quick knit. A simple pattern that looks complicated once it's knit. :)

I also knit Ishbel by Ysolda Teague. It's a shawl/shawlette, depends on which size you knit. It is just lovely. I made this one as a gift. This one is knit in Noro Silk Garden. I like it so much I'm going to make one for myself. I plan to use bamboo yarn for mine.

I have stopped using shortening when I cook or bake. I now use coconut oil. I have some virgin coconut oil that I use right now. It has a slight coconut flavor. It is delicious in brownies and muffins. I even used it to make the icing on Phoebe's birthday cake. I would like to get some that has had the flavor removed though, to use for other cooking and baking. Our local grocery store used to carry both, but now only has the virgin. I found a company online that has great reviews and good prices. So I'll be getting some soon.