Friday, July 20, 2012


Remember when this blog was all knitting, all the time? No, that's cool. It was once upon a time.
I've been knitting gifts recently but have decided to knit something for myself. So far the only things I've kept for myself are a few pairs of socks and a summer time sweater.

It was this sweater from Knitty:

Tappan Zee

Now I have plans to knit myself a cardigan. I haven't had much luck with that. I attempted a few and just didn't like them or they didn't like me. Then I ran across this one. It has almost everything I was looking for. The only modifications I will make are to do Stockinet stitch instead of garter on the yoke and ribbing for the cuffs and waistband. I've ordered alpaca yarn for it.


I'm also in love with a few patterns by Ysolda Teague from her Little Red in the City. I especially like

Cria and Skelf.

I'm really excited to try the alpaca yarn. I have a tam that I knit with bulky baby alpaca yarn and it is incredibly soft. I'm hoping this yarn will be too.  This is the yarn I ordered in Vandyke Brown and Violet. I hope they are complimentary. It's hard to tell sometimes, the colors can be very different from the way they appear on the monitor.

Happy knitting!