Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Blog

I've moved my blog. If anyone still reads this you can find me here now:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beautiful Mama Blog Award

My dear friend Sarah nominated me for this award today. I don't know what to say other than, "Thank you!"

So, three things I love about motherhood:

1. When my daughter laughs. Not matter what kind of mood I'm in, or how bad my day has been just hearing her laugh puts a smile on my face.

2. The snuggles. Almost every night she sneaks out of her bed and into mine for snuggles. I'm so used to it that I wake up afraid if she isn't in bed with us. Love my snuggle bug.

3. Watching her love of music grow. She is always singing, dancing or "playing" an instrument. It's hilarious to hear her pounding away on the piano trying to play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." She has the rhythm down, but not the melody. She loves to make up her own songs too. I especially love sharing artists with her. She loves Ben Folds, Paolo Nutini and The Cranberries as much as I do. She also makes her Daddy proud because she likes Bjork and Radiohead. :)

Now for my nominations.

1. I'll reciprocate Sarah's nomination. Like she said, we've been friends forever. I wish we lived closer to each other. Take a gander at her blog: Mommy Meditations.

2. Dana, we met online and quickly became real life friends. She's hilarious and has a ton of frugal ideas. Check her out at: Country Heart and Home

What's new pussy cat?

I know, I's been ages since I posted anything. I'm pretty bad at this blogging thing.

What's new in my little piece of the world? Well, I just started the Master Gardener course through the county extension office. It's something I've wanted to do for over ten years. I finally emailed the extension agent last week. He said that they had just started a class, but I could still get in if I wanted to. So for the next ten weeks I'll be spending three hours each Monday evening in class. There is soooooooo much information to learn. The book weighs fifteen pounds. Yes, I weighed it. 15 pounds!!!! I was glad that I knew some of the other students. I know a few of them from the farmers market. One was an acquaintance from my Project Linus chapter.

Speaking of Project Linus, that is finally getting off the ground. I have a few new people interested besides Dana and Mandy. Now I've got a small blanket stash. I need to sew the tags on and they will be ready for donating. One of the new members suggested giving blankets to the fire company. It never occurred to me that fire victims would need them. I think it's a great idea.

Other than that there's not much happening. I started some of the seeds for the garden. I've got Cherokee tomatoes, WV tomatoes, Genovese Basil, Dill, Spider Flower and Hibiscus so far. Once it's warm enough outside I'll direct sow the seeds for spinach, kale and Swiss chard. I want to try raised beds this year instead of digging up the garden plot. The soil is just not good here. I don't have the money to spend on improving it. So I'm going to try a raised bed or two with the Square Foot Gardening method.

I've also done a good bit of knitting. When the sun comes out and I can get nice pictures I will post my knitting projects. I promise.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Charity Knitting

Since the loss of Liam I have wanted to give back to the hospital. I have begun knitting hats for the micro-preemie babies. I will also be knitting blankets for them. I spoke with a representative at the hospital. She said the NICU is in desperate need of hats and blankets. Here are the hats I made yesterday.

I am now a Chapter Coordinator for Project Linus. My grandmother and her sisters are "blanketeers" for the chapter in Morgantown. Our new chapter covers Hampshire & Grant Counties in WV and Frederick County in VA. If anyone is interested in helping out in anyway feel free to contact me or go to the website and search for a chapter in your area.


Mike requested some pickled peppers. Of course I didn't plant any this year. So I had to buy them at the farmers market. Lucky for me the farmer was just trying to get rid of them, so they were super cheap. I got almost an entire bushel for $5!

I got a bunch of Hungarian Wax and a few red chiles. Of course the chopping took longer than the actual canning.

Of course I forgot to take a picture of the final count. 19 pints. Hopefully they will last him a while.

This brings my canning total for the year to 16 quarts peaches, 27 quarts green beans and 19 pints peppers. I hope to get a bushel of apples to work up into applesauce and pie filling to can as well.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Knitting Progress

I thought I'd post some pics of my knitting.

Phoebe's Sweater. Divided for sleeves, working right front.

This is the Paulie Sweater. I've put it on hold until I get the Phoebe sweater finished. I do love this yarn.

Tappan Zee Cardigan. Knit for myself in cotton.

Baby blanket and Baby Sophisticate sweater. Gifts for a preggo friend.

 I've got a million other projects waiting in the wings.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Garden, etc.

My garden is a bust. What the (over) 100 degree temperatures didn't kill the groundhog got. That punk dug a hole under the neighbor's fence and under my garden fence to get in. He has eaten everything! I think that a deer is helping itself to the tomato plants too. The tops of all the plants next to the fence have been eaten off. Every time I see a green tomato, the next day it is gone. That stupid groundhog is eating them all off. My DH is furious, those tomatoes were the only thing he was looking forward to from the garden.

I had to buy green beans from the farmers market in order to have any to can. I got a bushel and canned 28 quarts from that. I'd like to get some more peaches to make into peach butter. We're down to one jar from what I made last year. We'll just have to see if the market has any left or if the peaches are done for the season. If they are then I'll just have to get some apples this Fall to make into apple butter.

My DH has started brewing beer. He was very fascinated by it. His first attempt was ginger beer, but it didn't turn out. Then he created one he's calling Honey Bee Ale. Our friends that like beer say it is very good. I tried it, but don't like beer, so I didn't really like it. Next he is going to make a pumpkin ale.

Knitting is coming along. I decided to start on a birthday present for Phoebe. My friend LeeAnne sent us this book for Christmas last year. So I'm making the sweater for Phoebe. She asked me to make her the mouse, she doesn't know the sweater is for her. :)

Phoebe's Sweater